Our Teaching Staff:

Our teaching staff comprises of professionally qualified, experienced and dedicated team. They possess sincere love for their students and respect for each one’s unique gifts. Individual attention is their priority. They impart knowledge humbly, listen attentively, collaborate willingly and seek the lasting good of their students. They are versatile in their approach and masters of unique talents. They rise to every occasion and make it successful.

Their motto is
—quick to understand, slow to condemn, eager to affirm and to forgive.

They believe
—each and every child is a gift of Almighty God. They are chosen to give a zest for life and passion for learning. They have the opportunity to bring light and hope, a sense of mission and purpose to many young lives.

Their satisfaction —lies in their students’ excellent performance in academics as well as Extra Curricular activities.

They seek blessings from Almighty to bestow them with divine wisdom and guidance in what all they teach and train His little gifts

Management Team



Mrs. Aliya Juma


Mr. Sulaiman Dockrat

Managing Director

Mr. P. M. Majeed


Mrs.Leena S Kumar

Secretary & Arabic Coordinator

Mrs. Mrevat Ibrahim

Accountant cum Administrator

Mrs. Taquiya Usman

Administrator Assistant

Mrs. Farah Zaidi

Kindergarten Supervisor

Mrs. Nita Joshi

Grades 1 and 3 Supervisor

Mrs. Preeti Radhakrishnan

Grades 4 and 7 Supervisor

Mrs. Meena Mehra

Sports In-charge

Mr. Tariq

Emerald House In-charge

Mrs. Naseem Irshad

Ruby House In-charge

Mrs. Shahida Rafi

Topaz House In-charge

Mrs. Indumathi. C.K

Saphire House In-charge
Activity In-charge

Mrs. Rekha. S. Vijay
Mrs.Tayyaba Siddique