Foundation of Value based Education and development of scientific temper to promote logical thinking.

At the primary level, students learn various subjects in detail. The focus is on the development of scientific attitude. They are encouraged to ponder and find answers as far as possible. It is very important to satisfy their questions why and how, things happen at this stage. More emphasis is laid on acquiring good values and develop sensitivity towards others. The Value based education is the key to stability during adolescence which follows later.

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • General Science
    • Social Studies (U.A.E & World)
    • Arabic for non Arabs
    • Special Arabic for Arabs
    • Islamic Studies (for Muslim students)
    • Moral Science (for Non-Muslim students)
    • Second Language (Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Bengali)
    • Computer Science
    • Art and craft
    • Physical Education
    • Health Education